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Building your brand through blogger engagementPerfect matchmaking for you and the influencers in the market you serve, people reading about you in the biggest publications.Whether written for business or for pleasure, there is no denying that blogs are seriously useful and abundant influencers. Now, just as a great reference to your product or service in an online publication could provide a huge sales boost to your business, so too can a positive mention by a blogger.At ECGD we understand the power of blogs, so we have worked hard to build ties with them. Whichever sector you are in, it’s most likely that we will know a blogger that can help promote your brand. (And if we don’t, we’ll find one!)
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    Blogger outreach tactics feature:

The results of blogger engagement include: improved brand awareness among influencers; increased ranking for particular focus areas; mentions on trusted sources with a wide readership; high volume of social shares and links; a natural, mixed link profile.

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