Eliminate the yellow background from your adsence ads ( WordPress users ).

This tutorial will help you successfully remove the yellow box or background that appears under the Google adsense adverts on your wordpress blog.

Adsense yellow box
Adsense yellow box

The process is simplified below.

Are you new to adsense or did you just implemented the responsive Google Adsense code into your website or blog & notice that some ad formats introduces an unwanted yellow background to fill the area that is not covered by the ad?

We have a simple solution to that.

  1. Login to your wordpress ADMIN dashboard.
  2. On the side Menu ( under dashboard ), select APPEARANCE
  3. Click on CUSTOMIZE
  4. A sidebar will now appear. Somewhere near the bottom, there will be a menu item called “Additional CSS”. Clicking on that will produce a large edit box for you to insert custom CSS code. Paste the following code into it:

ins.adsbygoogle { background: transparent !important; }

The “!important” syntax tells the site to override the original CSS by Google. This will make the yellow background disappear. Good luck!


If your website is not powered by WordPress, you can simply remove the yellow box from you google ads when you  insert this code  (  ins.adsbygoogle { background: transparent !important; }   )into your html page’s header within <style> tags.



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