Social Media is one of the platforms on which businesses can expand their presence on the internet and also draw customers


In the world today, there are several social media platforms that are available for users who wants to build their businesses , grow their brand and so on.

But not all these platforms are suit able for all kind of businesses.

There are social media platforms that are best for digital marketing depending on the type of business your are engaged in.

In today’s post we will be looking at the the top five social medias that are suitable for digital marketing.




When your talk about Social media, Facebook is one of the sites that comes to mind and it is for a very good reason.

It one of the biggest social media platform in the world and it is also the first to provide options for adverts to businesses.

The Facebook platform is well known Social Media platform as it has about 2.7 billion monthly users.

It is best use for : engaging your audience, collecting reviews, customer services and advertising.

Today customers expect company’s to have a presence on a platform as we move in a digital world

and if there is any social media platform that a company should take advantage of it is Facebook.




Another Social media platform that you can also engage in when it comes to digital marketing is Instagram.

This platform has over 1 billion users monthly and it is best used for building your brand.

This Platform is built for sharing photos and visual content. It is not built for heavy-texting and it does not allow links between its post.

Instagram is the best social media platform for businesses who want to create photos and videos for their audiences, and it is also effective for building brand identity.

A B2C company can use this platform to share their products in use and encourage your followers to do the same for user-generated content.

The use of hashtags on Instagram is a way of expanding your presence on the platform as its contain communities related to your business.




YouTube is a well know social media especially because of it unique ways of content creation.

It is the first social that has to do with the posting of purely visual content.

It has over 2 billion registered users and it is best used to highlight company;s culture, tutorials and demonstrations.

Some may not think of YouTube as a social media but is is one of the largest sources user- generated online.

Apart from the views you get on the platform, you can also use YouTube to host to embed on your site.




Twitter is another powerful Social Platform Through which Companies can build their

reputation and brand.

It has an average of 186 million monetizable daily users and it is used for building industry

authority and real-life updates.

Twitter is a fast growing Platform where users who seek for news and

information are and because of this it is a very good platform for companies who publish original content consistently.

Sharing of link to new pages or blog posts is simple.




If you run  an ecommerce business you need to be on Pinterest.

It has over 400 million users monthly and it is best used for sharing products.

Pinterest enables for posting of products, short description of products, and even the link to the product page.

Its shopping features also make it very easy for business to promote their product on the platform.


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