Year 2018 has definitely been an amazing year for web design. There have been a lot of advancements in terms of technology that helped business owners establish connection with new users. Web designers got new exciting opportunities to push boundaries and give a stronger focus on documentation.

“With a number of developments taking place in the field of web design, it’s crucial to slow down and take a look at web designing trends that will continue to thrive and the new ones to join in 2019”.

Here’s a list of some of the more prominent things and web designing trends to expect in field of web design for the year 2019:

#1. Flat Design

This is a minimalist design approach featuring usage of very clean open space. It also incorporates bright colors and 2D illustrations. This is another trend which has grown to emerge as standard for web design. Year 2019 will be seen as the rise of flat design attributed to the need for faster-loading websites that help users experience enjoyable browsing on mobile as well as desktop.


#2. Animated GIFs

The trend has emerged to capture attention of users. GIFs will help users convey complex ideas in a very short span of time. This is also quite engaging and enjoyable. These work on most browsers and mobile devices.

#3. White Space

Present age websites have been integrated with simpler layouts with huge amounts of white space. White space (negative space) is empty space on a web page. You may consider it as breathing room around page elements. When you use white space to disperse different sections on your pages, it helps boost readability and facilitates users to digest crucial information.

#4. Broken Grid & Asymmetrical Layouts

During the last few years, web design is paying a lot of attention to designing within a fixed grid. This grid system allows designers to maintain alignment and consistency through a design. It also facilitates developers to bring a design to life. This also helps designers get more creative freedom with their work. They can create a new revolutionary level of hierarchy on any page they wish to. This is very helpful in guiding eyes of a user down a page and helps them get to actionable parts of website. It ensures fascinating and exclusive designs.

#5. Organic Shapes

A shape that’s uneven and irregular is organic. It is a perfect way of referring to something imperfect. These look more human and hand-drawn. Their unusual appearance can easily grab attention of user. You can also expect these shapes to add a personable touch to your website. Combination of image/illustration and organic shapes can add an amazing level of depth to a website. This is important for breaking monotony of squares and circles used commonly seen in design.

#6. Website Accessibility

There’s no way you can ignore this one in 2019. For those new to accessibility, the movement is for individuals with disabilities. It is all about proper designing and coding of website to help people with disabilities use them. Most websites have accessibility barriers that make it very tough for disabled individuals to use. With WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) becoming more compulsory, it will be immensely crucial to ensure the website is at par with accessibility rules.

So here are the latest web designing trends that you need to watch out for in the year 2019. Keeping up with the trend will help you offer the best to the clients. Professional website designers will consider these web designing trends as huge for the approaching year.


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